The start of September marks the introduction of the BSAU 145e standard for number plates, the first revision of the standard for UK number plates for 20 years.

A Jepson sample plate made to the new BSAU 145e standard

The changes in brief are a standardised font, a curious omission from the previous revision, meaning 3D-effect, inline or carbon versions of new number plates will no longer be allowed. However, CAT understands that plates that have letters that are actually raised, such as pressed metal types, will still be allowed as long as they are otherwise compliant.

‘National flags’ replace the EU side banner, although it will continue to be legal to have no side banner. The green side banner will continue to be legal for EVs only, but will not be mandatory for these vehicles.


Accessory shops, car dealers and motor factors that supply plates have had plenty of time to prepare, as the standard was agreed in early 2018 and had originally been planned to be introduced later in that year, however feet-dragging by DVLA means the implementation will now happen three years later than originally planned.

Both Jepson & Co and Tennants UK, the main providers of number plate-making equipment have rolled out software to their customers to make the new plates, but customers with concerns are encouraged to get in contact with them.

September 1st also marks the introduction of high-bioethanol E10 petrol in the UK.



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