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Total UK Lubricants, part of TotalEnergies, has developed a range of revolutionary lubricants to meet the needs of drivers’ engine oil usage and consumption. The newest Quartz Xtra range is designed for the latest generation of engines (such as hybrid, downsized) and provides Xtra fuel economy properties.








Up to 33%* improved fuel economy

TotalEnergies strives to bring drivers excellent performance and lubricants that are better for the environment. Look for the FE badge on Quartz products and you’ll discover a range of engine oils to significantly lower your fuel consumption.









Innovative Eco-Science technology

Quartz Xtra engine oils with Eco-Science technology not only remove impurities and protect engines, but also provide additional benefits such as significant fuel economy and optimal engine care for maximised performance.










Recyclable packaging

Quartz Ineo Xtra and Quartz 9000 Xtra subranges that are made in Europe, have introduced an innovative bottle composed of 50% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable.



Choose the right oil 

To help aftermarket professionals select the right products, TotalEnergies provides all the detailed application information in an online tool, Lub Advisor. This simple tool allows you to search by make and model of vehicle and helps you make the right choice with confidence every time.


Watch this video to learn more about the Quartz Xtra range.






To find out how TotalEnergies can improve drivers’ fuel economy, email or get in touch using this online form.


More information about TotalEnergies and its product ranges can be found at


*33% result for Total Quartz Ineo Xtra dynamics 0W-20 compared to the industry reference as defined by the ACEA M111 fuel economy test.

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