The battery experts at VARTA are issuing advice to vehicle drivers around the risks and complexity of attempting a DIY battery replacement in this age of increasingly complex cars. VARTA say that the new awareness campaign seeks to dispel the myth that changing a battery continues to be the easy DIY task it was through previous decades. The advice from VARTA is to do their research and if possible, to proactively seek battery fitting options, and if in any doubt, to check in with their local independent garage before attempting a battery change themselves.

VARTA battery tester


“We would always advise the driver to take the advice and recommendation of their local, trusted garage workshop. Not only is fitting a battery on modern vehicles a more complex task nowadays, there are also a number of very different battery technologies available in the market place, and it can be hard for someone not in the trade to navigate to the correct technology and specification suitable for their specific vehicle” commented Andy Cook, Technical Sales Representative and field team lead at VARTA. “Rather than attempt a DIY fit, our recommendation would be to err on the side of caution and seek a workshop who has invested in the latest technological equipment and staff training, to ensure the right product gets fitted in an efficient and safe way”. VARTA are keen to stress that over a third of vehicles in the UK now have start-stop systems, which require the right technology battery and often a more complex fitting operation.

As the leading Original Equipment brand, VARTA has a reputation for providing the “best in class” battery fitment data to the UK garage trade, available free-of-charge online on the VARTA Partner Portal. VARTA fitting instructions for more complex battery fits have recently been integrated into the widely-used Omnipart trade portal, supporting VARTA’s drive to bring educational support to as much of the UK independent garage trade as possible, helping this sector to ramp up quickly and compete successfully in a fast-changing and difficult market place.

VARTA’s awareness campaign is supported by Andy Savva, The Garage Inspector, who has long had an affiliation with the VARTA brand and promotes the fitting of OE products to the UK garage trade. VARTA’s consumer campaign will also cover a variety of other driver relevant battery considerations, and is expected to run throughout 2021. VARTA have also revamped their trade advertisement content, using the new slogan “VARTA. The Battery Brand Trusted by the Trade”, and this campaign will run in parallel to their consumer campaign for the coming months.

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