Sogefi has some news on the sale of its Crossland filter brand to Euro Car Parts.

“Sogefi sells the Crosland Filters trademark three years after ceasing production – ending its involvement with the brand

Sogefi Group discontinued the UK-only Crosland filter range – at the time its smallest filter brand – in 2010; transferring Crosland customers to the other Sogefi brands Fram and CoopersFiaam. The ‘Crosland’ UK registered trademark was then recently sold to Euro Car Parts. Although the trademark sale allows Euro Car Parts to sell filters in Crosland boxes in the UK and Ireland, Sogefi has discontinued any product supply agreement in relation to Crosland. This means that the Crosland-boxed filters now being offered by Euro Car Parts are not manufactured or supplied by the Sogefi Group, which takes no responsibility for the range and the products.

Sogefi’s sale of the Crosland brand formed part of its long-term strategy to focus investment and innovation on its key UK aftermarket filter brands: Fram, CoopersFiaam, Purflux and the recently launched Sogefi Pro heavy duty filter range. These OE-quality, all-makes brands – all featuring vehicle filters developed, manufactured and supplied by Sogefi – continue to be offered through Sogefi’s existing distribution partners.

Sogefi therefore has, and will have, no further involvement with the Crosland name or product supply, either now or in the future. Sogefi’s focus will be on offering its quality aftermarket brands only through its preferred distribution networks in the UK and Ireland.”

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