TecRMI’s database looks to the future with TPMS information


TecRMI-TPMS-imageTecRMI is preparing for the future by already including information on tyre pressure monitoring systems on its database.

The repair and maintenance information portal, part of TecAlliance, has made the move to include data on both active and passive TPMS ahead of the sensors becoming a legal requirement on all new vehicles from November 1.

TecDoc’s Shaun Greasley says that it is important that the information is provided because if a TPMS gets damaged it could cost upwards of £80 to replace.

The nature of the active system means that technicians and tyre fitters need to be careful and precise when replacing the tyre, while passive TPMS are maintenance-free because it doesn’t detect the actual tyre pressure.

Greasley added: “Speed is so often the prime concern for fast-fits and workshops when changing tyres, but as more of the vehicles they are servicing will be fitted with TPMS, it is imperative that technicians have the information they need to reset or replace the components in the system to be able to complete the job successfully.

“The TecRMI portal now provides users with access to detailed tyre change information and on the removal and installation of tyre pressure sensors, plus the subsequent reset details, for more than 8600 vehicles.

“It is another measure of the lengths that the TecAlliance will go to improve the availability of valuable service and repair information to the independent aftermarket.”

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