Who will win from the Olympic games?


We hear politicians talking about what a big benefit the Olympic Games are going to be to the British Economy and how it is going to bring in X billion pounds over the next few years.

But who is benefiting from all this alleged money that is supposed to be coming in? Well it is not most small/medium or family owned businesses and most certainly not the motor trade. How are the games going to help you sell more tyres, spark plugs or even brake pads?

I don’t want to sound like a killjoy but most businesses know that large sporting events or even a Royal Wedding cost businesses money, with customers staying away either to watch them or because they have been told it is an extra bank holiday.

With the Olympic Torch (or as some of my staff call it MCL, mobile cigarette lighters) travel around the country,  the roads they travel down being shut for approx 2.5 hours. As the torches are going near about 22 of our branches, this equates to about a weeks worth of lost sales.

This is nothing compared to our branch in Bow which is in the shadow of the stadium, or a javelin throw. This branch has about 10 vehicles supplying local garages with on demand deliveries, where some Olympic Delivery Authorities official told us that we should either do out deliveries between midnight and 6am or shut for the period of the games, which is not 2 weeks but mid July to Mid September.

So tell me again who is benefiting from the games?

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