Comma launches training programme for distributors

09 February 2015

Lubricant manufacturers Comma has launched a comprehensive new range of training programmes and tools for distributors and factors

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TecRMI’s new bulletin to bring garages vehicle recall info

10 February 2015

TecRMI has launched its technical service bulletin service to its myriad of software to help independent garages keep abreast of vehicle manufacturer recall information

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CAT Council

TecRMI’s new bulletin to bring garages vehicle recall info

05 January 2015

This month sees us focus on both the Vauxhall Zafira and the Astra H. Both Griffin emblemed vehicles are derived from the Astra chassis, however, one was a popular hatchback tussling with the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Go ...

17 November 2014

This month sees us focus on the Mercedes E-Class. The saloon has established itself as a key member of the luxury midsized market, alongside other mainstays such as the BMW 5-Series and the Audi A6, with the trio recentl ...

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Latest from the CAT Blog


06 January 2015

Haynes Publishing alongside fellow sponsors Draper Tools and Hyde Housing Association, has launched the second incarnation of its Mechanix course

02 June 2014

As the Haynes Mechanix course drew to its conclusion after seven weeks (actually eight in the end) of training, the first group of youngsters have now successfully completed the pilot project and achieved a well-deserve ...

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Out and About with CAT

Mechanix inspires youngsters to develop passion for industry

10 February 2015

The manager of the Witham branch of Essex Motor Factors’ Martyn Escritt believes in keeping a wide range of brands in a well-organised unit

15 January 2015

Restoration work is a very tough job, as it can be painstakingly slow and invariably is never as simple as you first imagine. To succeed in such a field you need to have a genuine passion for what you do. At The Real Min ...

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CAT Know-How

CAT Garage Lives: The Real Mini Company

10 February 2015

With the ever-changing legal landscape it’s not surprising that employers face the same common employment issues. Mark Stevens has the top five. I have received an ET1 claim form An ET1 form is the document an employee ...

14 January 2015

Mike Owen emphasises the importance of only fitting the best quality parts and explains the downfalls of working with poor base materials. If the base material is flawed, it is impossible to produce a quality product or ...

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