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07 September 2015

The ultimate statement of luxury and staple of Britain is next up on our ramp for further investigation

28 July 2015

The handsome Alfa Romeo 159 is next up on our ramp for further investigation. The 159 was Alfa’s replacement for the adored 156 and another attempt to crack the German dominated compact executive car market

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28 September 2015

Restoring a classic car can be a challenge too far for even some of the most practical enthusiasts and technicians out there, so when the second Mechanix course announced its plan to revive a tired old MG Midget, it woul ...

08 September 2015

The race to produce autonomous vehicles is reaching fever pitch as on road tests and trials begin across the world

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Out and About with CAT

Automated cars are getting to grips with the terrain

08 September 2015

John Yarnell’s Triumph-ant tale about going from hobbyist to classic car restoration specialist

08 September 2015

Rajesh Ghai on why London’s multi-cultural scene has helped sustain Ghai Distributor Ltd ‘s client base

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CAT Know-How

CAT Distribution Lives: Ghai Distributor Limited

08 September 2015

Adam Bernstein looks at how the internet has enabled people with big ideas to turn them into a reality. Here’s his advice on getting crowdfunding right

08 September 2015

Jason Piper digs deeper to find out what effects the summer budget actually has in real terms on Small and Medium Enterprises

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  • Four products that changed the direction of the aftermarket
  • MOT system causing havoc for garages
  • An inside look into parts distribution in London

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