Motor Codes and TootCompare join forces

Motor Codes has teamed up with online service and MOT comparison website TootCompare to further extend its reach in the consumer marketplace.

Following collaborations with and Groupauto’s Approved Garage scheme, the tie-in with TootCompare feeds all 7500 Motor Code for Service and Repair subscribers to the site.

KYB is off on the Dakar rally

I really like the idea of the Dakar rally. The vast distances might not make the best motorsport spectacle on the box, but I like the idea of the logistics and navigation, of man/woman and machine racing across the desert, keeping themselves going and battling the savage elements.

New skills award from the IMI recognises trainers

The first trainers to be recognised for their role in passing on skills in the automotive industry have been named by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).

Allianz Global Assist Technical Training Manager Mike Donley and David Wray, Work Base and ATA Assessor Verifier at Motherwell College, have become the first IMI members to make their mark in the Institute’s new Automotive Trainer and Assessor Professional Recognition Standards.

Where have all the cars gone?

Just like the ‘find the lady’ card trick where sleight of hand defeats the eye, in the background of my mind there has always been a nagging question about registration statistics. I’ve always considered that bumper vehicle registrations, year on year must expand the service market downstream – but it didn’t appear to happen.


Automotive industry charity BEN has started work on its new, state-of-the-art facilities and headquarters in Berkshire. The multi-million pound project will create a new retirement community and care facilities on the charity’s existing Lynwood site in Sunninghill near Ascot.