Know your business rates

Louise Hebborn gives you an insight into the rules around business rates. If you know the ins and outs of it, you might be able to save some money. Business rates, along with rent and […]

Eurozone fallout – will it affect your business?

For many, the question on their lips is which country will be the first to exit the eurozone.

Whether an existing eurozone member jumps or is pushed is irrelevant. The consequences for many businesses are likely to be severe. This is particularly so because there is no English or EU law which addresses the legal effect of a change of currency resulting from a eurozone exit. This stands in stark contrast to the situation in certain US states that have such laws.

Get real time with PAYE

Businesses need to get up to speed with the soon to be compulsory Real Time Information (RTI) that will overhaul the way PAYE works in the UK, says Jason Piper. Having been with us since 1944, PAYE was originally set up to aid collection of taxes during the Second World War. Changes in work patterns, payments and the sheer volume of information handled by the system have left it straining to cope, however.

The CAT Council: Shell franchise finder angers aftermarket

This month the CAT Council has been debating oil and lubricants giant Shell’s decision to launch its own online garage finder tool, which excludes independent garages. Shell’s marketing material for the new tool has made a number of claims against independent garages, and the CAT Council is only too happy to set Shell straight.