CAT Council: factor responses

“This industry has definitely been incredibly slow to react and acknowledge the power of the internet. Suppliers are still not looking to use the internet to maximize efficiency in their systems and garages look down […]

CAT Council: supplier (A-M) responses

“As an industry we have to realise our customer base is getting younger and more tech savvy.
From a young age they are used to searching for things online and they use this expertise in their purchasing strategy. My 18 year old daughter will rarely visit a shop to make her purchase but instead looks online to compare price before ordering.


It’s only a few months since CAT last went to have a chat with John Neill, boss of Unipart Automotive. At that time he had already been approached by a private equity firm that wanted to buy a stake in the business. Neill didn’t let on. With the sale gone through, we assess whether Unipart is still tilting the right way.