AFCAR publishes response to MOT proposals

The UK AFCAR alliance has sent a joint response to the Department for Transport regarding the proposal to increase the time of first MOT from three years to four.

The response document, which you can read here, mainly focuses on the detrimental effect on road safety that a change in test frequency is likely to have, but it also makes  the point that mileage fraud can be better detected with the first MOT happening after three years rather than four. The reasoning is that the bulk of modern ‘clocking’ happens when newer cars are returned from lease or PCP agreements as some dishonest first keepers are keen to avoid penalties for going over the maximum mileage.


Other notable parts of the report include the statement:  ‘To what extent is it fair to assume that any fall in the number of MOTs will free up garage staff and allow them to complete other tasks?’  which AFCAR regarded as ‘unfair’ and made the point that member’s businesses are ‘somewhat reliant’ on the test as 40-50% of servicing work is booked at the same time as an MOT, so any change is likely to lead to a reduction in business.

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MOT exemption for classic cars also got a mention, with the alliance making the point that classic car insurers often insist on an valid ticket regardless of status, and that a review of the age of vehicles included in the currently rolling exemption should be reviewed every five years.

The government is expected to announce its plans for frequency change later in the year, despite near universal condemnation of the proposals from all parts of the motor industry.

AFCAR is an alliance including the IAAF, GEA, UKLA, NTDA and ABP. Commercial organisations include the AA, AAG (Alliance Automotive Group), Halfords, LKQ Euro Car Parts, Kwik-Fit and the RAC.





Published by Greg Whitaker

Editor of CAT Magazine and an experienced motoring journalist @GregWhitaker5

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