MOT centres to be “maxed out” in November due to influx of tests

MOTs centres are predicted to be “maxed out” next month as legacy Covid deferrals come to a head.

At the start of the pandemic, cars registered in March 2017 were given an up-to-six months leeway on their first MOTs. This also lines up with cars that were first registered in September 2017, resulting in two batches of new cars annually needing their first MOTs in October-November.

On top of normal levels, this creates huge demand. The AA claims that this will make November the busiest month for the tests in 2023.

James Hosking, AA Smart Care managing director, said: “The number of MOTs due this November is going to be incredibly high, so drivers should book early to avoid disappointment.

“With MOT centres already starting to fill their diaries for the coming weeks, the peak is set to hit throughout November as drivers were able to defer their MOT by six months during the pandemic.”

Pre-MOT vehicle checks

A poll by AA Smart Care found that 24% of drivers do not carry out any checks on their vehicle prior to the MOT. 

Around a third (36%) of drivers check the basics such as tyres and lights while more than one in 10 (12%) say they give their car a thorough investigation before handing the keys to the MOT centre. 

As many MOT failures are for simple to spot issues such as tyres and bulbs, these can be easily rectified before submitting the car. 

As well as keeping the cost of the test and repairs down, it also helps centres plan and test vehicles submitted to them. Recent DVSA data shows that 28% of all cars and vans fail their MOT.

Hosking said: “Cars on the roads are getting older, so it’s more important than ever to regularly check your vehicle throughout the year, and not just before its MOT. 

“Keeping an eye on tyres and bulbs takes five minutes, but can save against a costly repair bill and spread the cost of vehicle maintenance across the year.”

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