MOT examiners banned after not conducting exhaust emission tests

An increasing number of examiners are not conducting exhaust emission tests during an MOT, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has said.

On top of those, the government authority said other tests are also failing to produce records of these tests taking place during site visits.

This again raises speculation that there are even more cases of these tests not being conducted as if records are not available, the DVSA could consider that the emission test was not conducted.

This has led to numerous disciplinary cases resulting in testers and authorised examiners having their testing qualifications suspended or deleted.

“There is no excuse for not conducting emissions tests, and possible faulty equipment, or supposed lack of knowledge of equipment not storing information, will not be considered mitigation in any disciplinary case,” said the DVSA.

Although the government group has acknowledged that vehicle exhaust emissions pose a negligible road safety risk, the environmental concerns – which have become a major focus of UK Government policy over recent years – mean the issue has gained greater significance.

The DVSA said “MOT testers must conduct all aspects of the MOT test in accordance with the inspection manual and MOT testing guide”.

It added: “Failure to conduct emission tests to all relevant vehicles indicates testers do not satisfy all the requirements of the MOT Guide and Operating Instructions, meaning the legal requirements regarding emissions emitted from the exhaust tail pipe are not being monitored correctly at test stage.

“It is vitally important that the general public are assured that to protect the environment from vehicle borne emissions checks are undertaken during the annual MOT test.”

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