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Workshops are dealing with a constantly growing demand for professional servicing of automotive air conditioning systems. Most of the vehicles produced throughout the last years are equipped with heating and climate control. For this purpose, the control unit ensures the functional interaction between actuators, A/C compressor, engine cooling fan and the cabin fan motor. It also controls the heating system and the flaps guiding the air flow into the cabin. In addition, several sensors supply the system with information concerning temperature zones inside the cabin, exterior temperatures, engine conditions and settings made by the driver.

‘Connected repair’ equipment

Accordingly, modern air conditioning service is much more than just standard routines. Using ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online and Bosch Connected Repair, Bosch A/C service units can be combined with troubleshooting and linked to diagnostic equipment to increase the efficiency of air condition servicing.


Featuring accurate measurement technology and fully automatic service routines, Bosch A/C service units efficiently service passenger car and commercial vehicle air conditioning systems. They are also suitable for electric and hybrid vehicles and meet the high demands of SAE J-2788 – the technically demanding US standard applicable to A/C service units – and the European standards.


The Bosch range includes suitable, powerful, fully automatic, and user-friendly A/C service units to meet all workshop requirements. Their step-by-step instructions guide the user through the A/C service. With these guidelines, even service tasks beyond the standard routines – such as A/C flushing or leakage detection, for instance – can be performed. The main reason for A/C flushing is the replacement of one of the system’s components – e.g. of the compressor. After all, flushing is compulsory for the manufacturer warranty to remain effective and to prevent damage to the new compressor from fragments and remnants within the refrigerant circuit.

Bosch A/C units

Bosch A/C service units stand out for their easy handling, fully automatic procedures, and their particularly high performance. Thanks to their exclusive “deep recovery system,” both the premium and standard models recover up to 99 percent of the refrigerant even under difficult environmental conditions. The integrated forming-gas pressure test option allows accurate ‘leak-proof’ tests. The ACS 563 and ACS 553 entry-level units support workshops with daily service tasks such as refrigerant recovery, filling and recycling. They feature a recovery rate of up to 95 percent. In addition, the top model ACS 863 automatically tests the purity of R1234yf refrigerant. Moreover, ACS 763, ACS753 and ACS 863 also feature an integrated nitrogen and hydrogen pressure test. Using the WLAN dongle, the units can also be integrated into as a network or linked to Bosch Connected Repair workshop software.


For comprehensive servicing of automotive air conditioning systems, the ACS units can be combined with ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online and KTS-series diagnostic solutions. This takes standard A/C service to the next level.

Due to the complexity and ongoing connectivity of today’s vehicle systems, the workshops’ way of working when servicing and performing repairs changes continuously. By means of the versatile ESI [tronic] 2.0 Online features and the connectivity via Bosch Connected Repair, Bosch diagnostic solutions expand the workshops’ range of services while easing maintenance and repair procedures. Using Bosch Connected Repair, a vehicle driving up for its maintenance or repair can be identified by its vehicle identification number (VIN). This application eases entering vehicle and customer data. All information is entered just

once. It is lastingly stored in a workshop- internal database and can be accessed and reused at any time. At the reception check via Bosch KTS, the vehicle condition is analysed and possible faults are listed. The fault memory monitors the components connected to the air conditioning system via control units. In this manner, all the vehicle’s fault memories are checked while allowing to save the results.

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