Better safe than sorry – visual inspection of brake hoses and cables

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Brake hoses and cables are crucially important in ensuring safety. During maintenance on the brake system, they must be checked and replaced if necessary.

No compromise on brake performance and safety

Checking the brake hoses and cables is a fundamental part of brake-system servicing, during which the condition of all brake pads, brake discs and brake fluids is inspected. Only an in-depth inspection of the entire system can ensure the proper function of the brakes.

Superior quality

Bosch brake hoses are subject to thorough testing. Pressure, expansion, burst and tensile-strength tests are conducted to this end.

Many standard tests for original equipment are also performed on Bosch brake cables. They are exposed to a saltwater spray in addition to having their performance, temperature resistance and material fatigue during load-cycling operation checked.

Brake hoses supply force throughout the brake system

Brake hoses apply hydraulic pressure to the brake calipers or wheel cylinders and generate braking force when the brake pedal is depressed. Bosch brake hoses boast exceptional quality – and with good cause. After all, reduced braking force can lead to total brake failure in the worst-case scenario.

Bosch brake hoses comprise several layers of rubber compounds and braided sheathing for reinforcement. For the sake of quick installation, they are also equipped with robust connectors to match the system in question.

They are flexible, durable and boast outstanding strength. Brake hoses are systematically subjected to testing to ensure that no defects weaken them and leave them susceptible to leaks. This includes testing the leak-tightness and the pressure up to a level of at least 200 bar. Burst tests, fluid-displacement tests and tensile-strength tests are also conducted. The brake-fluid supply lines and the cable for the parking brake are subject to high levels of stress.

Weather conditions, moisture, road salt and oil make for an aggressive and punishing environment. However, mechanical stress is also high, and it is not just short-term pressure peaks of more than 180 bar in the brake system that brake hoses need to deal with. The consequences of accidents, bites from rodents or improper assembly can also cause damage.

Bosch: a strong partner

Bosch offers workshops everything they need to perform efficient maintenance and repairs on brake systems: first-class products, services, and reliable diagnostic technology.

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