BM Catalysts points to positive future for hot end emissions products

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BM Catalysts, Europe’s leading manufacturer of hot end emissions products, is experiencing significant growth, as it continues to invest in upcoming technology and expand its product range to meet increasing and changing market demand. 

With new diesel legislation being rolled out across Europe, the automotive aftermarket is experiencing a shift in demand, with new products being brought to market to enable technicians to meet the new requirements. This, in turn, has resulted in significant market growth for replacement diesel particulate filters (DPFs). 

Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and most recently, Germany, have now implemented new Particle Number (PN) counters as part of their roadworthiness periodic technical inspections, and as a result, higher failure rates have already been reported, with vehicles failing to meet the new Euro 5a, 5b or 6 requirements. 

These changes are expected to hit closer to home in due course, with the UK currently consulting over implementation as part of the MOT test, with current suggestions predicting vehicles that are type approved to Euro 5b and Euro 6 onwards as the basis.

Mark Blinston, commercial director of BM Catalysts, said: “If the average failure rate for Euro 5 and 6 is 10 percent, then this will create a huge increase in the demand for replacement DPFs. If a vehicle fails the test, the only way to pass it will be to replace the DPF.

“In the UK there are over four million Euro 5b or 6 diesel passenger cars – so the potential market for these parts could be very significant. What’s more, in Europe, there are over 280 million vehicles in use and diesel engines are approximately 19 percent of these. With this in mind, substantial parts growth is to be expected.”

BM Catalysts, who is an affiliated member of the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality (WCRAQ), set-up to improve air quality in the UK, is committed to reducing emissions and is therefore continuing to invest in new technologies to ensure the market can keep pace with these changes, and already has plans in motion to introduce a number of key product ranges in the coming years. 

What’s more, since being introduced to its ever-expanding range, BM Catalysts’ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) references have continued to grow in popularity in line with market forecasts, with notably strong sales reported across the UK and Europe.

With newer, Euro 6 vehicles featuring SCR technology as original equipment, the market for SCRs is set to grow at a considerable rate, and BM Catalysts is further establishing its range of SCR products for a wider range of vehicles than ever before.

Blinston, who remains positive about the future of ICE powertrains, added: “These legislative changes are already driving demand for a whole range of hot end emission products, and it’s important that we look ahead and make these key investments to ensure we’re perfectly positioned to help serve the market and reduce emissions where possible.”

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