Bosch brake discs: Research and quality tests for increased safety


As a reliable partner of the automotive industry for car brake discs in Europe, Bosch contributes its entire expertise to development and production. When dealing with safety relevant

Bosch discs need to pass rigorous quality inspections

products such as brake systems, high quality is of special importance. Therefore specialists worldwide examine and test thousands of brake discs every year at modern laboratories. This does not only include checking the whole range of measures and tolerances on special test equipment, but also the examination of the casting materials by means of laser spectrometry and micrograph analyses. Extensive quality management and continuous process development ensure high levels of quality with every Bosch brake disc.


As a result of a rise in vehicle weight and engine performance, modern brake systems have to cope with increasing higher loads. Bosch brake discs are made of high-quality materials. Their homogeneous casting structure as well as their compliance with particularly low tolerances concerning lateral runout and differences in thickness, exceed the ECE-R90 specifications. Bosch brake discs deliver increased driving comfort and reliably provide additional safety, even in case of extreme situations.


The worldwide Bosch range of brakes consists of more than 40 000 products. The extensive product range includes wearing parts, hydraulic products and components, workshops therefore find matching brake components for almost any vehicle. Bosch discs cover more than 95 % of the European market.

Published by Greg Whitaker

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