Brembo Xtra range: superior style and extra performance for passionate drivers

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Brembo Xtra range is a cool replacement line-up of braking solutions that combines distinctive performance with an attractive design to enhance the pleasure of sporty braking in every driving condition. Directly derived from Brembo’s extensive expertise in innovative processes and solutions for the Original Equipment market, the Xtra products perfectly suit the needs of passionate drivers capable of taking their on-road driving experience to the next level with the customization of their cars.

With 60% of vehicle parc coverage, the Xtra range already includes more than 300 disc part numbers, 200 brake pads and X-Style calipers which are the most recent member of this product family. In particular, the Xtra range is made up of Brembo X-Style calipers, Brembo Xtra discs, Brembo Max discs and Brembo Xtra brake pads.

Dedicated to premium models, the Brembo X-Style calipers are the latest line in the Aftermarket segment. They exude a colorful touch of originality and are the ideal choice for passionate drivers who seek the plug&play set-up of the car. They offer an ideal customization solution by blending the renowned elegance of the Brembo fixed aluminum calipers with a touch of originality from individual colors to suit a unique and distinctive style.

Drivers will be able to choose which color best enhances the character of their premium car. The standard shades are red, yellow, black and grey, but more bespoke colors are available on request.

Brembo Xtra discs have been developed to offer an efficient cooling system, with greater air circulation and improved heat and water dissipation capabilities. The sporty aesthetic is emphasized by performance-enhancing holes in the braking surface which serve to scrape material from the braking surface and thereby reduce brake disc wear.

Brembo Max discs are engineered with a unique shape that enhances the functionality of the braking system to ensure an immediate braking response on application of the brake pedal. The slotted disc enables a higher friction coefficient, which also improves stopping performance in the initial stages of braking, even at high temperatures. Moreover, Brembo Max grooves are designed to control conditions under which brake discs wear and are finished with a protective UV coating to prevent corrosion.

Brembo Xtra brake pads are designed to work with Brembo Xtra discs and Brembo Max discs to provide excellent performance combined with ultimate precision. Made from the fusion of 30 different components to create exclusive friction material, Brembo Xtra brake pads are the perfect choice to enhance sporty driving pleasure, without impacting on mileage or compromising on safety and comfort on the road.
Brembo Xtra brake pads are designed to work harmoniously with Brembo Max discs and Brembo Xtra discs, each operating interdependently to provide excellent performance and ensure complete control over the braking system.

The Brembo Xtra range has already been launched on the market. For further information visit:

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