Clutch products from SACHS tick every box: safety, quality, innovation, performance & range. As well as individual products, SACHS offers a number of practical installation kits that simplify assembly and offer a safer drive by including everything that’s necessary in one box.

This includes a special grease for assembly that guarantees perfect, long-term car clutch functioning after the replacement.

SACHS clutch kits are available in various combinations. In addition to the modern XTend clutch pressure plate for cars, the most advanced kit also includes a dual-mass flywheel (DMF). Apart from the clutch kit with DMF and XTend, there are additional combinations, for example with concentric slave cylinder (CSC). These are also available from SACHS.

Even the highest-quality and most durable car clutch is subject to operational wear and tear. This is where the technology of the XTend clutch pressure plate made by SACHS comes in: It provides automatic wear compensation.

How it works: The XTend clutch pressure plate for passenger cars separates the wear of the facing from the movement of the diaphragm spring. The compensation mechanism constantly registers reduction in the lining and compensates for the created gap by reliably turning an adjustment ring.

This keeps the clutch from becoming vulnerable to extreme temperatures, soiling and aging. Furthermore, the pedal-force conditions remain constant over the entire service life. At the same time, the service life is extended, since the facing can be worn down further. Another advantage of XTend is in its design: The installation space required axially in the clutch system with operational wear is reduced through the use of XTend.

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