Ensure a complete replacement with BM Catalysts’ fitting kits and pressure pipe range

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Europe’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket hot end emissions products, BM Catalysts, has reiterated the importance of using new fittings when replacing an emissions control product.

BM Catalysts also recommends that technicians consider replacing pressure pipes when installing a new diesel particulate filter (DPF), to help avoid issues associated with blocked or damaged pipes.

In addition to regular range expansions to its high-quality emissions control product lines, BM Catalysts supports technicians by ensuring access to an extensive range of accompanying mounting components, and a range of pressure pipes for over 1,300 different vehicle fitments.

Fitting kits are launched as standard with most new-to-range parts and can include various components, such as clamps, washers, springs, and specialist nuts and bolts, tailor-made for each product.

Installing new pressure pipes is recommended when replacing a DPF as they are highly susceptible to damage and can also become blocked over time, thus producing incorrect DPF pressure sensor readings which can cause further problems.

Mark Blinston, commercial director at BM Catalysts, said: “The benefits of using new a fitting kit outweigh the costs and we would encourage technicians to utilise the kits in our range to help prevent invalidating warranties and avoid the pitfalls that can arise from trying to reuse old or existing fittings.

“Where mounting components for the old unit are worn or damaged, it’s important that these are replaced to ensure the longevity of the new unit.

Our fitting kit offering is aligned with our unwavering commitment to developing and releasing new-to-range parts so that technicians always have access to an extensive range that enables them to complete repairs as efficiently as possible.

“We also want to remind technicians that it’s best practice to install new pressure pipes when fitting a replacement DPF. If a pressure pipe is blocked, it can be mistakenly diagnosed as a faulty DPF. If the DPF is then replaced and yet the same incorrect pressure readings are still being produced, it can be a huge waste of the garage’s time and resources.”

BM Catalysts proudly boasts fitting kit coverage for its entire range of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) references and over 90% of its entire catalytic converter and DPF range.

The company’s range of pressure pipes currently features over 200 different part numbers, all of which are manufactured from high-quality 304 grade stainless steel to ensure optimum durability.

BM Catalysts has an unrelenting commitment to providing customers with a wide choice of high-quality aftermarket products. Complementing its regular range expansions to increase European vehicle parc coverage, BM Catalysts also has an uncompromising approach to research and development, working to identify additional fitments to offer even greater choice to motor factors and garages.

To view the full BM Catalysts parts range visit www.bmcatalysts.com.

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