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Factor Sales is delighted to be playing its part in celebrating the best of the automotive aftermarket in the upcoming CAT Awards. Taking place at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester on Thursday 15th February, the market measurement data provider is proud to present the sought-after Supplier of the Year award.

Factor Sales provides indispensable insights by uploading transactional data from motor factors across the UK and Ireland. It offers subscribers detailed reports on size, revenue and price trends across a catalogue of nearly a million parts.

Factor Sales’ services are invaluable to manufacturers, suppliers and motor factors alike, so they can all understand their respective position in the ever-changing UK automotive aftermarket.

To illustrate its diversity, Factor Sales recently published the fastest growing and declining products in the aftermarket, analysing the percentage change in sales revenue and units sold. Meanwhile, it also produced a deep, analytical report into Niterra UK’s precious metal spark plugs, citing market share, sales volumes and average price inflation changes.

How can suppliers benefit from Factor Sales?

ELTA, along with the likes of Niterra UK, as well as Ferdinand Bilstein and Moove Lubricants, has recently renewed its partnership with Factor Sales.

During its three-year relationship, Factor Sales has proven to be the “cornerstone” of ELTA’s success, elevating its market presence and even triggering product launches. Its marketing manager, Tim Brotherton, lauded Factor Sales for yielding “remarkable results” and pushing ELTA into a “new era of decision-making”.

He explained: “Factor Sales has enabled us to navigate markets with confidence, streamline operations, and strategically expand our product offerings. It’s not just about data; it’s about turning raw information into actionable insights.”

Specifically on the new product launch, ELTA has invested in the heater blower resister motor range, which has proved “immensely successful”.

Tim continued: “The stock moved swiftly, prompting further investment and expansion into heater blower motors. Notably, this new range became our fastest-growing line in recent years, fostering the confidence to explore and expand our heating and cooling range further.”

Tim spoke about new product development: “What was once approached with caution has now become an avenue for growth. Our newfound ability to explore diverse product ranges has not only broadened our market presence but has also opened doors to previously untapped opportunities.”

Exceptional support and collaboration

Tim also praised the customer-centric approach by Factor Sales, singling out its original founder and still an employee of the business, Ian Penny:

“Right from the outset, Ian has been accessible, promptly addressing any data-related queries and seamlessly incorporating additional product groups when needed. Moreover, our suggestions for enhancements and feedback have been met with openness and responsiveness, leading to impactful implementations.”

Bring on the CAT Awards!

Factor Sales is powered by Pearson Ham Group, and its director, Ben Martin, is thrilled at the prospect of meeting industry figureheads and presenting the renowned Supplier of the Year award at the Lowry Hotel in February:

“To be immersed among such esteemed company and championing the automotive aftermarket is a proud moment for Factor Sales. We are excited at strengthening relationships and generating new ones at the CAT Awards, as we continue our objective of building a strong portfolio and illustrating our undoubted credentials.”

To learn more about what Factor Sales does for Suppliers, please visit https://www.pearsonhamgroup.com/how-we-can-help/automotive-insights/suppliers/ or contact automotive@pearsonhamgroup.com

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