Pioneers in quality: AISIN Meeting or exceeding OE benchmarks

AISIN Europe is a global manufacturer of OE and aftermarket pa rts for the world’s leading automotive brands. Our insistence on Quality First has earned us a trusted reputation for premium parts that meet or exceed the demanding specifications of our global customers. We use the same benchmark quality levels for our OE and aftermarket products, delivering to automotive standards with proven manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art production facilities. We manufacture all our products according to a strictly controlled quality production system, which covers every step of the product’s life, from design and production to packaging and shipping.  

Pioneers in design

Engineered to perform, built to last

AISIN Europe relies on advanced production engineering techniques in all its manufacturing sites. Using innovative industrial processes and equipment, our engineers and skilled manufacturing staff focus on the smallest details in every new design required by OE or aftermarket customers. Computer Aided Engineering methodologies combine predictive and analysis technologies, with ultrasound testing for internal measurement of products. We develop state-of-the-art molds for every new part added to our portfolio, rigorously testing each one to ensure the same high production standards are achieved wherever the part is produced. The result, consistently reliable products that perform to the highest levels throughout their lifetime.

Pioneers in production

Fully qualified facilities 

AISIN Europe has sites in the UK, Czech Republic and Turkey which support and complement our production facilities in Japan. Each of our production facilities has been vetted and qualified to ensure conformance to the rigorous production standards, which have made Japanese Quality an industry benchmark. Once produced, parts are shipped to our extensive warehousing capacity at AISIN’s Brussels HQ and Lyon & Moscow sites. Here, more than 400,000 products – covering 10,300 different items in our clutch, cooling, drivetrain, engine and brake system portfolios – are readied for distribution.   

Personalised support

Responsive and experienced technical teams

AISIN Europe has spent the past 5 years recruiting the most capable and knowledgeable service teams in the aftermarket industry. We understand that different regions have different applications, with local tastes for certain car models or years. We pride ourselves in offering a single point of contact for customers, with dedicated representatives who understand the local market and can answer individual needs with a tailored response. Regional teams are on hand to build a service package to suit every customer, with great responsiveness and direct feedback on technical queries. Our customers value the personal approach to business, which is where we excel.

Extensive portfolio with growing coverage

Full availability in Europe

AISIN Europe has a proud OE heritage, producing parts for Japanese and Korean cars, brands with models that set the world standard for reliability and performance. This unique expertise in manufacturing and design engineering is now replicated across the European car park, with new OE parts added regularly for leading global brands here in the west.  We have extended our capacity and portfolio to reach further into Europe with the same exacting production standards. Which means that even more car brands and parts than ever are now available with the reassurance of the AISIN name.  

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