New Developments in Autocat can reduce lost sales

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New Developments in Autocat can dramatically decrease mis-sold parts and reduce lost sales. 

Selling the wrong car part can cost thousands of pounds of damage to vehicles. Additionally, not selling a part for fear it’s not an exact match can also cost a business money in lost sales. Some suppliers may send multiple part options to ensure a fit and spend time creating numerous returns. MAM Software’s comprehensive electronic parts catalogue Autocat enables users to quickly find all components for any vehicle and has recently been further developed to address the problems suppliers face when ensuring the correct parts are matched to a vehicle.

Autocat developments can decrease miss-sold parts and reduce lost sales

As an automatically updated, web-driven catalogue Autocat gathers component data from multiple suppliers, giving you instant access to the most up-to-date component specifications. The data is maintained through an automatic verification and standardisation process, facilitating easy product comparison. Web-based data retrieval also means you don’t have to rely on CD-based updates to access the latest product information.

The catalogue is simple to use, with intuitive selection and drill-down menus on a single screen. You can search for the components you need by product type, supplier or part number. 

The latest Autocat development includes an enhancement to the information returned regarding part specifications. For example, brake discs include vital product information such as disc diameter in millimetres. When millimetres can be the difference between the perfect part, or not fitting at all, having access to this information can vastly improve supplier confidence when selling parts. Autocat sections that are included in this latest update are; brake discs, oils and cabin filters, with many more due to be rolled out.

Autocat displays this data within the main parts table, but also has on screen prompts to let the user know that there is further information to be examined. This latest information is also constantly being updated, keeping you up to date with the latest supplier advice. Ben Nicholls Sales Manager – Automotive for MAM Software advised ‘This is a great development to an already excellent software. It will allow businesses to sell with confidence, minimising the worry of mis-selling parts, increase their profits by reducing lost sales and reduce returns. I’m excited to see further enhancements to our long standing Autocat solutions and the benefits they can bring to our customers.’

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