With the UK supposedly set to leave the EU in a matter of weeks, businesses are busy preparing for any potential repercussions of the country’s withdrawal from partnerships that guaranteed the free movement of goods within the European Union. There are natural and well-founded concerns amongst many factors that their supply chains could be disrupted and imported goods may become prohibitively expensive for customers, leading to delays and price hikes for everyone, from manufacturers to motorists. There are also questions lingering over how, or if, quality standards may change in light of the UK no longer being bound by EU legislation. These are certainly challenging times but there’s also plenty of light at the end of the Eurotunnel, courtesy of BM Catalysts.

 The BM Catalysts Way

BM Catalysts is proud to be a UK manufacturer and has become Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-quality aftermarket catalytic converters, DPFs and front pipes through an unwavering commitment to relentless research and development, the highest standards of engineering excellence, and extensive support to enable customers to build their own potential for profit.

For UK customers, the scale of our operations and dedication to our founding values means they can rest assured that our products and services are stable and will remain the best on the market. We are, of course, experiencing and expecting further surges in demand for our parts from Europe, but we are well prepared. We have increased production throughout 2019 and invested a large amount into a third UK warehouse. The new site is now operational, with its scale and location in the centre of the country already paying dividends for customers in terms of even better availability and faster deliveries. This is helping us build better partnerships with factors as the need for them to hold deeper stock decreases, reducing duplications and increasing cash flow. These things are major concerns for most businesses in and out of the automotive aftermarket at the moment and we believe the positive impact of investments like ours should not be overlooked.

Another major area of investment continues to be in manufacturing processes that allow us to exceed quality standards. We are clear that we will remain staunchly dedicated to balancing the need for high quality parts with a desire to keep costs as low as possible. Technicians can be assured that BM Catalysts parts will still be precision engineered so that they are quick and easy to fit, and factors will see that we will continue to support them as far as we can by keeping prices as competitive as possible.

Well Prepared

Through many months of exhaustive preparation, we will make the UK’s transition out of Europe as smooth as possible for all of our customers. Despite the uncertainty that has surrounded the country’s decision to leave the EU, we have continued to invest heavily in our UK operations. The commitment to do so has always enabled us to develop the widest range of high-quality aftermarket parts and deliver them to customers at the right price and the right time. Brexit will not change that. We will still work tirelessly to provide world-class support and help to our customers and our unwavering dedication to helping our partners increase their profits will also remain unchanged.


Published by Greg Whitaker

Editor of CAT Magazine and an experienced motoring journalist @GregWhitaker5

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