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PROGEN-R8 is cost effective, compared with main dealers

Your PSA-derived vehicles can now be properly looked after, with the launch of the all-new PROGEN-R8 EOLYS replacement fluid.

As a cost-effective alternative to main dealers, PROGEN-R8 is available in 1-Litre and 3-Litre options, as well as refill kit if required. Our new universal product covers all generations of EOLYS fluid including white, green and blue types.

Vehicles produced by Peugeot, Citroen, Ford, BMW and Volvo that have a PSA engine are equipped with a fluid system, separate from the fuel, that when injected into the Diesel fuel system at the required time, keeps the DPF clean and running efficiently.

Our PROGEN-R8 formula helps to lower the temperature at which a DPF will perform a regeneration and it is vital that this fluid system is topped up and maintained in these vehicles.

Your customers will benefit from trouble-free vehicle operation under many driving conditions, with the new additive maintaining rapid and complete DPF regenerations.

Product Codes

  • FAPFL01 – 1 LITRE
  • FAPFL03 – 3 LITRE

Why choose EEC?

EEC is your one stop shop for all emissions products.

With a personalised, flexible service we guarantee our customers superior products and service. We also go that extra mile to ensure you are aware of all the industry knowledge behind CATs, DPFs, Exhausts and all our other product groups via our technical training seminars.

PROGEN-R8 is available through your usual ordering methods. For more information, please call +44(0)23 9224 5300 or email

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