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Infopro Digital Automotive has been working at the heart of automotive documentation for more than 70 years. It has based its work on the simple observation that a list of relevant data is important when carrying out any mechanical or bodywork repair, as the data is different for each vehicle. The long-term job of channelling, grouping together and sorting this data has been ongoing for decades. All the information has now been gathered and linked to current digital techniques, making it a useful everyday tool.

As one of the original creators of the Technical Automotive Journal (RTA), Infopro Digital Automotive has become increasingly aware that paper is not what it was 20 or 30 years ago. It has had to evolve. Technical journals, if they still exist at all, have naturally moved to computer screens, with exploded views of vehicles, manufacturers’ data, and methods of fitting and removing. From now on, everything will be listed within the Atelio Doc software, and can be accessed using its powerful search engine.


Our rich experience applied to the world of tomorrow.

Knowing the configuration, equipment and accessories of every vehicle is impossible. Automotive construction is constantly evolving. This means that the repairer’s experience is no longer sufficient, and even the slightest intervention can seem new and complicated.
With Atelio Doc, the repairer can simply concentrate on their core business and their own expertise in repair work, without having to worry about whether or not they have the manual for that particular vehicle. Atelio Doc provides an exhaustive list of all the resources that will be necessary for carrying out a repair, and the skills that the mechanic or bodywork repairer will need: implementation, part lists, fastening kits, fluids and accessories.


A wealth of data

All the identification information for vehicles is listed in the software, such as the brand, model, version and even model year with the launch date. It also allows additional access to the mechanical and bodywork parts list for this specific model, as well as access to the repair methods and even a list of the types of breakdown normally associated with the vehicle in question.

Given the number of manufacturers listed in the software, and the range of models that spans up to 25 years, Atelio Doc is THE reference for technical documentation across vehicle makes.

A complete tool

Atelio Doc is not just a database in the literal sense of the word, or simply a list of car and light utility vehicle mo

dels. The tool’s strength lies in the wealth of information that it provides.

All vehicle considerations are taken into account, and are listed in a non-exhaustive manner: engine and transmission, steering, suspension and brake systems, heating and air conditioning, safety devices such as airbags, pre-tensioners and seatbelts, all the vehicle’s electrical equipment, lights and signals, but also all the elements related to panels, and heavy and light bodywork.

Given the high levels of quality of some of the vehicles that are in use today, it is sometimes difficult to separate mechanical devices and interventions from those that are related to the bodywork. This is why it is important to be able to b

ring them all together in the one tool.

If we had to specify some of the other additional options, we might mention the tightening torques, front and back wheel alignment, or electrical diagrams. This data can help repairers who may break out in a cold sweat when faced with the complexity of some models. As well as this, information about lubricants, quantities of fluids, and necessary man hours will allow interventions to be anticipated and planned.


Help with documentation and diagnostics

Atelio Doc’s power and its value are not just in listing parts and accessories.

In addition to the practical side, Atelio Doc offers documentary and technical support. This provides, among other things, a personalised response to repairers’ searches, in terms of repair methods, fitting and removal. They can even access

 diagnostic aids based on a list of types of breakdown, which they would not be able to find in the software otherwise.


Intuitive digital tool

The Atelio Doc database is constantly evolving, and is displayed simply on the computer screen. The tool is intuitive and easy to use.
Once the vehicle model is chosen, the repairer just has to decide what part they want to study and examine. Quality, high-definition exploded illustrations that are precisely numbered allow for easy navigation.
In a few seconds, the repairer strips away the car’s exterior to see the parts that they want to know more about: their exact position, the necessary accessories and fastenings and the method for accessing them.

Ease of navigation, intuitive menus and quality illustrations make Atelio Doc a nice tool for repairers to use.


Interface with other electronic catalogues

The list of part numbers is based on the manufacturers’ original documentation, and is therefore reliable and updated in line with data for each make.
Once all this information has been received and the elements supplied, repairs can proceed without a hitch, as the correct parts for the model are available.

In order to do this, each repairer can use the electronic catalogues, most of which are linked to Atelio Doc, to select parts. Infopro Digital Automotive also provides its own catalogue, Atelio Aftermarket, that is directly linked to Atelio Doc.


Monitoring and updating

Based on their experience, and their awareness of the ever-changing market, Infopro Digital Automotive provides its clients with a database of documents that are constantly updated and developed to include all the new models that enter the automotive market every year. This is made possible through the professionalism of the company’s teams and the quality of its relationships with manufacturers and providers of automotive equipment.

Atelio Doc is an indispensable tool for any repairer whose knowledge and work is developing based on the vehicles that they repair, as it helps them deal with diagnostics and repairs effectively.


Who is Infopro Digital Automotive 

Infopro Digital Automotive is a French leader in automotive documentation, whose technological awareness allows them to respond to the needs of an ever-changing market. First named as E.T.A.I, it has spent more than 70 years developing a complete digital database for automotive repair professionals.

With more than 70 years of experience, an automotive range that spans more than 25 years, more than 40 makes listed and a modern and intuitive digital tool, Infopro Digital Automotive is consolidating its position as a leader in mechanical and bodywork automotive technical documentation.

Find more about Atelio Doc and Ateliob Aftermarket :


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