TPS has launched a new oil, Platinum Plus 0W-20, into its Quantum Oil Platinum range.


The Platinum Plus 0W-20, is a new oil designed for more modern, economical engines and as a result will provide greater UK car parc coverage across a range of new vehicles.

Quantum Platinum Plus 0w-20 now in at TPS


It’s suitable for the latest GM Vauxhall engines, given it meets the most current OV 040 1547 specification, and equally has approvals for use in various BMW, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo models and any other car specifying ACEA C5 or API SN Plus RC.


Along with its suitability to a wide range of modern vehicles, the Platinum Plus 0W-20 has a number of benefits that make it a valuable new addition to the Platinum range. 


One of the key features is a lower viscosity at high temperatures, compared to C2 and C3 oil grades. This helps to produce a thinner film of oil, which is more suited to the smaller bearing tolerances found in modern engines. 


Becca Richardson, TPS Aftersales Commercial Manager said: “The Platinum Plus 0W-20 is     an excellent addition to the Quantum range.  With the Quantum range offering 97 percent UK car parc coverage, customers looking for oil can be reassured that TPS has a comprehensive range of options fully suited to meeting the requirements of their vehicle fleet.” 


For vehicle owners looking for guidance on the oil product most suited to their vehicle, TPS’s VRN oil finder is the perfect tool for the job. By visiting  and entering a vehicle model and registration, the user can access a detailed guide to the best oil for their vehicle.


The new Quantum oil will be available from your local TPS Centre soon. In order to learn more please visit

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