At Toyota the journey does not end with zero emissions – from helping mobility restrictions to building hydrogen-powered cities, we want to go further, we want to go Beyond Zero.


As we transform from an automotive company to a mobility company, we’re committed to caring for everyone’s movement, from the elderly to Paralympians, regardless of their physical ability. Because when we leave no one behind, we all go further.

Toyota and Toyota First wishes to care for everyone


By combining our vehicle’s reputation for quality and reliability with services that are more in tune with your needs, we want Beyond Zero to mean not just lower emissions, but also a safer, more fun driving experience.


As part of our Environmental Challenge 2050, we want our zero-emission journey to go even further. Hydrogen is a clean, sustainable energy that will help us reduce the impact of our products and operations on the environment and contribute to a better society.

Toyota First are doing their part to help towards a greener and cleaner future too. See below for details of how our Toyota First Trade Centres are helping their customers work towards a cleaner and greener environment today… 

Toyota First centres supply FUCHS Lube Cubes to their trade customers… What is the FUCHS Lube Cube?

Lube Cube is our packaging innovation concept aimed to both tackle the growing environmental concerns reported globally and to aid the dispensing of our products. Constructed from a strong, durable, splash-proof cardboard outer containing a product filled plastic inner, the Lube Cube is 100% recyclable and fitted with built-in handles for easy operation. Lube Cubes are fitted with a built-in tap for easy pouring with no air ingress and reduced risk of spillage. 

Toyota First centres supply Toyota First screenwash tablets to their trade customers… A 5-litre tub of screenwash, in your pocket!

UK motorists alone, consume around 100 million plastic tubs of screenwash each year. These tubs eventually end up in landfill or unfortunately can make their way into our oceans. Whereas you can drop one tablet in the screenwash reservoir of a car, fill up with 5L of tap water and let the magic happen! No risk of spilling any screenwash where it’s not wanted either!

Toyota First centres supply a range of remanufactured parts to their trade customers… Saving them money and helping save the environment 

  • Reman brake calipers
  • Reman EGR valves
  • Reman starter motors
  • Reman turbo chargers
  • Reman alternators
  • Reman starter motors
  • Reman injectors 

Toyota First centres now have a new innovative Total Loss Avoidance programme available to their bodyshop customers… What is a Total Loss Avoidance programme? 

Toyota have developed an innovative new TLA scheme which will save customers from the upset and inconvenience of having their car written off and will also increase the opportunity for Bodyshop’s to repair more vehicles, when they could have been a Total Loss! This also keeps cars out of scrap yards longer and helps extend their usable life span too!

So, you can see Toyota have not stopped at making some of the most eco friendly vehicles around, but are looking down every avenue, including our Toyota First Trade Program to go Beyond Zero by 2050.

For more details on our eco friendly products and to find your nearest Toyota First Trade Centre

Published by Greg Whitaker

Editor of CAT Magazine and an experienced motoring journalist @GregWhitaker5

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