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Delphi Technologies’ new diagnostic solution, BlueTech VCI, made its public debut at the OESAA Autoinform Live event in Wolverhampton in November.

New BlueTech VCI tool has five times the processing power of the previous range

Designed from the ground up to respond to the changing demands posed by today’s increasingly complex vehicles, the new BlueTech VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) features a clean and intuitive design that belies its comprehensive feature-set.

With a processor five times more powerful than its predecessor, the new diagnostic tool is capable of faster vehicle scan times than ever before, while new integrations such as CAN FD, multiple CAN channels, and DoIP (Diagnostics over Internet Protocol) offer garages cost-effective and intuitive access to the very latest troubleshooting methods.

Delphi Technologies will provide a live demonstration of how to use the new tool during the diagnostic process, before moving on to examine how tasks that ordinarily require OE-specific tools such as ECU programming can now be performed by the new BlueTech VCI thanks to its Pass-Thru capability.

“With even the most modest of cars now equipped with complex ADAS features, garages and technicians need to ensure their diagnostic capabilities and tools are up to the job,” said Julian Goulding, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, Marketing Manager. “BlueTech VCI expands the range of complex vehicle features that can be diagnosed and calibrated by independent garages, and that opens the door to new services that cater for owners of today’s complex vehicles. Thanks to its built-in Pass-Thru capability, the new BlueTech VCI enables garages to offer the same range of services as franchised dealers, from ADAS calibration to ECU programming and beyond.”

Delphi Technologies will also use the event to demonstrate its comprehensive range of training modules, offered through the company’s new Academy. With new content being added every month, the e-learning platform boasts over 200 training modules suitable for technicians of all skill levels, accessible at any time and through any device – even a smartphone.

By offering a range of powerful diagnostic tools backed up by the training to master them to their full potential, Delphi Technologies demonstrates its commitment to ensuring garages of all sizes can offer a full service experience to their customers.

About Autoinform Live

Organised by the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association (OESAA) and hosted the GTG Training Academy in Wolverhampton, Autoinform Live brought together industry experts, technicians and business owners to discover the very latest in diagnostic technology. With a weekend of hands-on training, seminars and on-vehicle experiences, the event strives to demonstrate new products and techniques that will benefit garages across the country. Autoinform Live takes place in Dublin on April 2-3rd 2022.

To find out more and to register to attend AutoInform then please visit

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