Quartz Box: The new ultimate in sustainable design


Quartz Box is our new and ingenious ecoefficient packaging concept, designed to increase sustainability by using 86% less plastic* and 100% recyclable cardboard and secondly, to provide an innovative storage solution for our customers and optimised logistics.

New Quartz Box

Quartz Box pallets deliver 20% more volume per pallet** space than previous 20-L packaging allowed which means fewer trucks on the road.

The cubes can be carried safely and easily to the specially designed racks, ready for operation. Simple pouring with the cap’s no-spill design allows our mechanics to fill jars and work in safety for waste reduction purposes.

With the Quartz Box, optimise your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with on top, massive CO2 savings.

No spills, less waste

Let Quartz Box work for you thanks to a specially designed display unit.

Simple and sturdy, Quartz Box can be stacked 6 to a shelf, providing that much needed extra space in the workshop.

As they can be completely flattened, waste storage volume need is significantly reduced compared to a standard 20-L packaging.

The new Quartz Box concept features an optimised, durable inner Cheertainer® bag that offers high-puncture resistance to improve shelf-life.

It’s the perfect solution to diversify your product offer.

Watch the Quartz Box video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZurVZYcne0


To find out how the Quartz Box can help you optimise your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and generate massive CO2 savings, contact us at ms.marketing@totalenergies.com or visit services.totalenergies.uk/quartz-box

*86% less plastic. Result for the new 20-L Quartz Box packaging compared to our traditional TotalEnergies’ rigid plastic 20-L packaging.

**Quartz Box pallets deliver 20% more volume per pallet space than previous 20-L.

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