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There is a QUARTZ engine oil for every type of car engine and requirement

QUARTZ ranges of engine lubricants are designed based on the wide technical expertise and the most developed technology used in racing, to provide optimal lubrication to the engine and to maximise performance, all while:

  • Protecting it against all the causes of wear by reducing friction and corrosion
  • Preventing overheating
  • Ensuring good cylinder compression and maximum engine efficiency
  • Ensuring the engine is clean by preventing the deposit of various impurities


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QUARTZ XTRA is the perfect fit for hybrid engines with up to 4.01% fuel economy meaning up to 33% improved fuel economy*. Its Eco-Science technology not only removes impurities and protects engines but also provide additional benefits such as significant fuel economy and optimal engine care for maximized performance.



QUARTZ INEO is our top-tier range specially formulated for vehicles equipped with particulate filters and recommended for all vehicles equipped with post-treatment systems. With Age-Resistant technology offering unbeatable engine protection, engines are protected against a variety of challenges, from wear to oil oxidation even at extreme temperatures.


QUARTZ 9000 range

Improve protection against mechanical wear by up to 74%** with the QUARTZ 9000 range. Designed for vehicles not equipped with particulate filters, these products are developed to provide your engine with the highest level of protection, performance, and durability.


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*Result for TOTAL QUARTZ INEO XTRA DYNAMICS 0W-20 compared to the industry reference as defined by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).

**Compared to industry limits on ACEA engine test (CEC-L-099-08).


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