Reasons to use a Genuine Toyota Prius Electric Coolant Water Pump


Toyota genuine water pumps, have been calibrated to work in harmony with the software already embedded in the engine control unit, so we can be assured it will run at the correct speed at all times, and will work as designed.

Diagram illustrating genuine Toyota water pumps

The water pump is controlled by a brushless electric motor, using a brushless motor leads to longer life as there are no carbon brushes to wear out. The water pump is controlled directly by the engine control unit, by pulse width modulation, in layman’s terms pulse width modulation, is in effect, turning something on and off, for alternative periods.

The engine control unit has full control of when and what speeds the pump will run.

This enables it to vary the speed, depending on various inputs as, coolant temp, engine speed, vehicle speed, when the engine is started from cold, the water pump will not be required, saving fuel, and it will allow heating of the coolant system quicker.

Through the Toyota First Trade program you can purchase the Hybrid Electric Water Pump at a highly competitive price, we also have volume terms available.

Contact your local Toyota Trade Centre for more details.


Published by Greg Whitaker

Editor of CAT Magazine and an experienced motoring journalist @GregWhitaker5

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