Switch to best air quality by using FILTER+pro

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The new Bosch FILTER+pro is an advancement based on Bosch FILTER+. By 2023, it will substitute its predecessor. Its new and antimicrobial layer provides effective protection against viruses, bacteria and mold – and against pollen. Especially throughout the pollen season, this reduces allergic reactions of vehicle occupants – such as sneezing, irritated, reddened or watering eyes, for instance.

Bosch FILTER+pro – additional effective protection against viruses, bacteria and mould

In addition, the activated carbon layer absorbs harmful and foul-smelling gases. The ultrafine microfiber layer efficiently filters more than 98% of all fine dust particles featuring a size of at least 2.5 micrometers. But FILTER+pro is more than just health protection. It also reduces the amount of deposits on the air conditioning system thus contributing to efficient A/C operation and improved vision.


Annual cabin filter replacement generates important revenues at automotive workshops.

Bosch offers more than 600 types of cabin filters for vehicles with combustion engines, hybrid and electric vehicles covering some 318 million passenger cars on European roads.

High-quality materials and thorough processing ensure the consistently high quality of Bosch cabin filters.

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