Two of the major parts supply chains have confirmed that they are to remain open, albeit with some restrictions. 

The Parts Alliance has set up a web page in order to keep clients updated, while ECP’s CEO Andy Hamilton is sending regular emails to customers to keep them aware of the developments. 

Neither chain has reported any significant supply chain issues as of yet. 


Motor Factors remaining open follows Government advice that garages are ‘essential services’ and most will remain open in order to keep key workers mobile. Heavy vehicles and trailers are to get a three month MOT extension in light of the current crisis. 

Published by Greg Whitaker

Editor of CAT Magazine and an experienced motoring journalist @GregWhitaker5

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  1. ECP are closing all AP sites and moving accounts across to ecp. As per they come first and sod AP. I can see them not even reopening them since they keep merging sites.

  2. Remain open but restrictions…….such as being able to sell paddling pools and not accepting any returns until 1st May.

  3. It’s been well appreciated that they’ve stayed open, especially as some of us have fleets of ambulances to maintain.

  4. Essential services, really? Or is it just them saying that?

    ECP sound no better than Mike Ashley and Sports Direct.

  5. Good old factors remaining open to support the nhs and key workers !
    Bulls–it !!
    All remain open because all frightened over losing a pound to the competitor

    Come on all of you start worrying and being more concerned about your employees

    They are you lifeblood and your future and at present they are all scared!

    Would you want to deliver a £2 filter to a garage for minimum wage in the current climate

    I think not

    I support the nhs and key worker theory but come on all of you work together and have
    Just one outlet open in every town and have people working who want to work rather than
    Employees coming in because they feel they have no choice
    And there mental wellbeing being effected accordingly

  6. Keep close attention to how your employer treats it’s staff during this difficult time. It speaks volumes about it’s core ethics, values and how they value their staff’s worth.
    It’s crystal clear that many, many of the big ones treat wealth above the health of their employees. We really do all work in a despicable trade.