The Newly Designed Mini-Ductor® Induction Heater Has Real Bite

Summer 2016

Induction Innovations, Inc. announces the launch of Venom™: the third generation of the legendary Mini-Ductor® handheld induction heater. The 230V version will be released to the UK aftermarket later in 2016.

New Features

Venom w Blue flame shirt 2As with its predecessor the Mini-Ductor® II, Venom™ generates Invisible Heat® to release ferrous and some non-ferrous metals from corrosion and thread lock compounds without the dangers of open flame and up to 90% faster – ¾” nuts are turned red hot in less than 15 seconds.

Venom™ also includes the following enhancements over the Mini-Ductor® II:

  1. Angled Design with Trigger: Venom’s lightweight, ergonomic design allows for induction heat to access hard to reach places more easily
  2. Coil Twist Lock: coils now lock down with one simple turn (no more thumb screws) and Venom™ works with all Mini-Ductor coils
  3. LED Usage Indicator: a Red LED will light under fault conditions and Green LED lights while the trigger is active and the tool is heating properly
  4. Fault Override Delay: any event that causes the Red LED to illuminate will protect the tool by starting a three second lock out
  5. Fan Operation Enhancements: the fan continues to run after the trigger is released to aid in thermal cycle time reduction, and will stay powered when the thermal switch opens to aid in cooling the tool
  6. User Controlled LED Switch: as long as the tool is powered and the internal power supply is operating, the LED will remain lit when the switch is on
  7. Two Year Limited Warranty: Venom™ has a two year parts and labour warranty

Kit Contents

The Mini-Ductor® Venom™ includes the following:

  • Mini-Ductor® Venom™ handheld induction heater
  • 3 basic coils: (1) 7/8″ Preformed Coil, (1) U-Form Coil and (1) Bearing Buddy Coil
  • Rugged plastic carrying case
  • Operator manual
  • 2-year warranty that covers parts and labor


Venom uses include removing/releasing the following:

    • ABS sensors
    • Brake bleeder nuts
    • Corroded exhaust
    • Fuel tank straps
    • Heat treating
    • Heavy undercoatings applied over hardware
    • Inline connectors
    • Metal fabrication
    • Manifold bolts
    • O2 sensors
    • Seat belt bolts
    • Soft hail dents
    • Steering/suspension components
    • Tie rod sleeves/ends
    • Truck bed bolts
    • U-bolts
    • Zirk fittings
Oxy-Acetylene risks Induction Heating health and safety benefits
High risk of fire, explosion and can emit toxic fumes. Induction heating is a safer, more reliable, flameless heat
Created by high frequency magnetic fields, which heat ferrous metals. NB. The operator does need to take precautions, such as not wearing any metallic items and wearing heat resistant gloves for removing parts from heated surfaces.
Plastics, wiring, trim etc. around the part to be removed can catch fire, causing potentially costly damage. Naked flames and traditional tools cannot access hard to reach corroded nuts and other parts. Reduces collateral damage
The flameless heat is localised on the part and not the surrounding area. To cope with a variety of heating needs, different types of bendable coils can be attached to the unit to fit the problem part and these can be usefully shaped to fit into hard to reach crevices and tight spots. The Inductor does not heat rubber, plastic or glass.
Garages & workshops who use Oxy-Acetylene have, on average, 10-30% high insurance premiums than those who do not. Reduced running costs
Insurance premiums are lower if induction heating is used on site.
Traditional cutting and heating tools take time to work, reducing garage productivity Increased productivity & profits
Induction heat works fast (using the coil, a ¾” nut is heated red hot in 15 seconds). The heat expands the nut and breaks down any corrosion. This helps increase a garage’s productivity by around 50% and, because downtime is minimised, parts can be re-used.

A New Evolution of Induction Heating

“Venom™ is a new evolution of the Mini-Ductor® Series, which has been the leading hand-held induction heater on the market since it was launched in 2004,” said Tom Gough, President of Induction Innovations. “Venom’s feature set allows users to repair vehicles and equipment faster, safer and more profitably, and to salvage parts normally discarded.”

For more information call The Inductor UK on 01953 859138, or Sykes Pickavant on 01543 679900, email visit

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