The DVSA is to increase some fees by a modest 1.5 percent, pending the outcome of a consultation.

MOT area has the latest kit


‘Slot’ fees, where a garage has booked an MOT will increase fractionally from £2.05 to £2.08 from 2022, while MOT test fees for HGVs and busses will also increase by the same percentage, which on average adds around £1.70 to these tests. Driving tests and some other fees will increase by a similar percentage.

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However, what is controversial about the consultation is what is NOT increased. The MOT test fee for Class IV and VII has not increased for over a decade, with the increase in costs being passed directly to MOT testing garages.

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  1. The DVSA are out of touch with reality the cost for the Test stations are increasing with all the training requirements the equipment requirements the cost of labour ,electricity alone has gone up by 22% insurance also has increased yet the discounters are reducing there fee for the MOT this is going to lead to more vehicles failing on items that should be pass and advise the odds on being caught doing this are very low for the not so bothered stations it’s just going to end in tears on top of that the advent of electric vehicles is absolutely the biggest disaster for the motor vehicle repair sector ever her is my prediction within the next 8 to 10 years at least 60% of them will be gone the advent of the block exemption rules about to expire will mean the end to the right to repair that means the after market parts manufacturer the oil supplies the people involved in delivering are all on the slippery slope down and to cap it al off the government cannot afford to loose all the revenue from fuel sales so they have to get the money from somewhere which means higher rates of tax