By Mark Field, Director, Impression Communications

10 tips for the automotive aftermarket to win on social media (you must be prepared to take risks) By Mark Field, Director, Impression Communications

Businesses in the automotive aftermarket have flocked to social media since the coronavirus pandemic.  I wrote in a previous blog that garages, motor factors and suppliers have rapidly increased their digital presence, with social media being widely adopted.

With more and more companies in our sector adopting social media as a communication tool of choice, here are 10 ‘tips’ to ensure you grow your content reach.

  1. There is no sale without the story. If my team had a pound for every time I said “when was the last time Red Bull promoted a carbonated fizzy drink?” they’d be very wealthy. My point is that if you visit any Red Bull social media page, it talks about everything and anything other than the product it is selling. The Red Bull brand stands for so much more than just a drink and that’s key to its success. Red Bull is about adventure, taking risks and their products are linked to that philosophy.

    I know you’re saying to the screen right now, “I don’t know what to post,” but your company’s brand identity is about more than just the products and services you are selling. There’s a story to your business, you just need to tell it.

  2. Produce content daily. A controversial topic! How often should I post on social media? I’m going to come out and say it – daily, multiple times daily. You should be posting as many times as possible. If that’s once daily, that’s fine; if you can post more times in one day, that’s better.

  3. Check your analytics. You’ll see just how much multiple posts pays off. You’ll also see what works and what doesn’t and so you can tailor your posts accordingly. You should be able to find good quality content from within your business. To entertain is to engage.
  4. Keyword research. I’m currently working on another blog about SEO and backlinks and cutting through the misinformation. When I sat down at a computer in my first job 22 years ago and looked at SEO, the rule was: “Content is king”. Guess what? Content is still king today, except now it’s more complex and crowded than it was back then. More on this in my next blog soon.But, back to keyword research, using a tool like www.ahrefs.com can help you find search volumes for topics you may want to talk about. It will also help you shape relevant social media content for your audience.
  5. View analytics– social media, in particular Facebook, is great for analytics and you can really drill down on where your audience congregates and see what type of content generates the highest response levels. It will also give you a greater insight into the psychology of customers and why they buy from you. Again, it will shape your future posts.
  6. Tell your customers you’re on social media.Email every one of your customers and say we are now on a particular platform and ask them to follow you. Make sure your social media presence is included on everything – such as your email signature – as you would include all other contact details.
  7. Speak the native language. Some of the biggest brands in the world have a different tone for the social media platform they are on. Facebook is more entertaining, Linkedin more corporate and Twitter more news led. But don’t be afraid to mix things up and throw out curveballs, it’s amazing what results you’ll get. Just remember to keep an eye on those all-important analytics to track your success.
  8. Make a connection.Your content must connect with your audience. It must be simple, memorable, fun, entertaining, educational and add value. If one post can do all of that, great, you’re on to a winner.
  9. Take calculated risks. Building on from the previous point, you must make an emotional connection with your customer. Remember, whether business to business or business to consumer, we are all people and like dealing with other people. Be human, it’s the greatest gift we have.
  10. It’s going to cost you. I’ve saved it to the end but whatever you’re spending on digital marketing in the automotive aftermarket, I can assure you it’s not enough. Ever wonder why you have thousands of followers on Facebook and hardly any engagement? That’s because ‘likes’ are vanity, engagement is sanity. Due to some algorithms, you often have to advertise to reach your followers. If you don’t post engaging content, you won’t get the buy-in early on and therefore won’t appear on your audience’s feeds. It may even cost you more in the long run as you seek their attention.

Interested in finding out more? Impression is a leading specialist PR, communications and marketing company in the automotive industry.


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