Mukesh Shah, Founder and Chairman of independent factor chain Motor Parts Direct has told an audience of his plans to grow the business further.

Speaking at the firm’s 20th anniversary supplier meeting and conference, known to all by his first name, Mukesh, said: “Our vision is to have 200 branches and sales revenues of £200m by 2025”.


He went on to explain that the target would only be achievable with the commitment of everyone in the company. “You can have a clear vision, but you need excellent people to realise it… We believe that we have the best people in the industry to operate our business”.

Mukesh added that in 2014 he stated an aim to become a £100m business and this was realised a little over a year later through a mixture of organic growth and acquisitions.

Mukesh at MPD Awards

Originally a regional chain based in East Anglia, the firm now has 120 branches across England and Wales. It has benefitted from the acquisition of other long-established regional chains, including Kevin Cooper, CAFCO and Central Auto Supplies. MPD is now the UK’s largest independent factor chain.

Published by Greg Whitaker

Editor of CAT Magazine and an experienced motoring journalist @GregWhitaker5

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  1. Dear Pete, MPD’s staff are no better or worse than any other factor. Some of the branches are very, very good, with informed and knowledgeable staff, others less so, the same as ANY OTHER large factor. MPD’s stock range is good. The purchasing dept spend a great deal of time looking at stock levels and getting them as right as they can. Mukesh has never been put off spending money on stock as long as it’s justified and the correct stock. Plus with suppliers like Marathon and FPS delivering four times a day now to many factors, there really isn’t an excuse for a lost sale.
    As for running out of money, you clearly don’t know the man very well,
    and accounts, well there’s always more to them than meets the eye. Richard Branson’s accounts as an example mean he doesn’t pay much tax either…..

  2. Most of the MPD staff are nowhere near the best in the industry?

    Most of MPD’s branches do not reach 1 million.

    The range is often poor and MPD is out serviced.

    He will run out of money before he hits his 200m.

    Take a look at his accounts. Firsltline is his biggest life savour.

    Many firms looked into buying MPD but they soon found out that his infrastructure was inadequate and pulled out.

    1. MPD Northampton good staff poor manager
      I ordered parts totalling to £115.45 at 9.08 in the morning – I called back at 12.00 noon and was told you will not get a delivery untill the end of the day – I picked up the pre paid parts from branch the parts were on the table just inside the door the manager then came out side while I was loading kicked the parts which were on the paved area threw the invoice and shouted fxxxoff you prick
      All he had to do was to say can I help you what’s your name (I see you have already paid) shall I bring them out for you
      What a disrespectful front line ambassador for MPD I certainly will not be buying any more products from MPD and I’ll be sharing my experience