New ACEA Heavy-Duty Engine Oil sequences published

A 2022 edition of the ACEA Oil Sequences for Heavy-Duty Engines has been published. The new sequences address engine developments that are driven by a combination of regulatory and performance needs, complemented by necessary test maintenance requirements. 

Developed by the European Association of Original Equipment Manufacturers, the ACEA sequences are a set of performance standards specifically tailored to the needs of the European market.

New oil sequences published

As European OEMs develop new engine powertrain systems for heavy-duty vehicles that continue to improve fuel efficiency and deliver the higher performance expected from customers while also meeting the latest stringent pollutant emission requirements, engine oil must adapt.




In the 2022 Heavy-Duty sequences, new E8 and E11 categories have been introduced to replace the now obsolete ACEA E6 and E9 categories. The E4 and E7 categories have been updated with new piston deposit tests, replacing CEC L-101-09. Claims can already be made against the 2022 ACEA Oil Sequences for Heavy-Duty Engines as of 1 May 2022. The 2022 ACEA Oil Sequences for Heavy-Duty Engines will become mandatory for all new claims made from 1 May 2023 onwards.

The latest ACEA Oil Sequences for Light-Duty Engines are already in operation, having been published in April 2021. Historically, sequences for both Light and Heavy-Duty engines were published simultaneously. However, this time publication was split to allow additional time for the development of the Heavy-Duty Sequences.

UK independent trade body, the Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS), welcomes the publication of the new ACEA Heavy-Duty sequences. Chairman Mike Bewsey commented:

“The sequences provide for a modernisation of the requirements for heavy-duty engines and corresponding engine oil specifications that bring them up to date in the market. They recognise engine developments in this critical area and align the automotive requirements with the latest heavy-duty engine emission standards. Products conforming to the new specifications will provide performance benefits to operators of heavy-duty commercial vehicles.”

Published by Greg Whitaker

Editor of CAT Magazine and an experienced motoring journalist @GregWhitaker5

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